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Homesteading is becoming increasingly more popular these days and making money from your own back yard is easier than ever. People have become more interested in learning about how to make money living off their land. For those who have money to invest in a large piece of land, machinery to farm it, and some livestock, it can be fairly easy, financially. But what about people who own a small piece of land (say, less than an acre), or don’t even own their land at all because they rent? I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can make money from that small piece of land, whether you own it or not!

First of all, I’ve never known a landlord who would be unhappy about you planting some flowers on their property, and many landlords don’t mind their tenants planting a small veggie garden. And, guess what? You can even do some of this from an apartment. It’s simply a matter of maximizing your available space.

Now, let’s get to it!

  • Grow flowers, collect the seeds and sell the seeds. Or you can do what I prefer, and that is to start the seeds yourself and sell the plant. You’ll make more money than if you sold the seeds and you’ve done some of the more difficult work of starting the plant. It’s super easy to find out how to collect whatever seeds, or bulbs, that will come from the flowers you’ve planted. You will also save money by saving some of the seeds for yourself so you can plant more next year! I also always go for perennials. They don’t need to be planted every year and tend to require less care once established.
  • Compost, people! We all have food waste that we just throw into the trash. Well, how about you create a compost bin? We made a simple compost bin from pallets that we found…for free. Throw all of your fruit and veggie scraps in there. You can also add used coffee grounds (the nitrogen is great for composting), egg shells, seaweed (if you live near the ocean), and much more! Just never add meat to your compost. The outcome would not be good. Once you have a well-established compost pile, you can sell it to other farmers, as well as use it for your own plants.
  • Worms, worms, worms. My husband is a huge fan of worm tea. It’s a thing! Basically, you create worm bins, throw in your fruit and veggie scraps for them to eat, and their awesome poop will create something amazing for your gardens, and…you can sell the worm tea as natural fertilizer to other farmers! Win-win.
  • People have become major fans of raising chickens these days. They’re easy to care for, don’t require a large yard, as long as you don’t have too many, and many breeds are very friendly. You don’t have to have a rooster, so if you live in a more populated area, you don’t have to worry about a rooster waking the neighbors and 5:00 in the morning. Now, if you live in an area where a rooster won’t bother anyone, go for it! Why? Because not only will you be able to sell the eggs that your hens lay, but you can sell the chicks that you hatch. If you feed your chickens only organic feed, you can sell them for $3.00-$5.00 per dozen! 
  • Start a vegetable garden. One of the things you need to be sure of when starting a veggie garden is the health of your soil. It’s best to start with one or two veggies and perfect growing them. We started with tomatoes, and let me tell you, we wound up with a ton of them this year! You don’t want to frustrate yourself if any of your veggies fail to produce, so start small. But, regardless of what you start with, you’ll be able to sell them, either by setting up a small farm stand in your front yard (be sure to check your towns permit requirements), or by becoming a seller at a local farmer’s market. 
  • Create and sell your own crafts. Granted, you don’t need any land for this, but it’s a very popular way to make money. You could knit, sew, crochet, create wood crafts (there are free pallets all over the place), and so much more! All you need is a little imagination and some supplies. The sky is the limit, really. Not only can you sell your crafts at a farmer’s market, but you can also sell online.

Regardless of what you decide to do, making money from your land is absolutely possible, even if you don’t have much. You can sell any of the above at your local farmer’s market every week, or month, depending on when they take place. All you need is a little imagination, a little effort, and do some research to find out how and when you can sell your products. Don’t forget about setting up a Facebook page as well. First of all, it’s free, and second, you can start promoting whatever products and/or services you have chosen to provide.