My husband and I are aspiring homesteaders, looking for our dream property in the northeast. We have four kids, two of whom are out of the home, and two who are still with us. I home school our two who are still at home, and have many years of home schooling experience. We also have a small (ahem) collection of animals here. We have one cat, four dogs, 12 chickens, a bunny, and a horse (boarded at a local barn). We are in the process of house/farm hunting and can’t wait to find our perfect property so we can expand our farming business!

We love gardening. My husband is the veggie expert, and I love to create flower gardens. We work hard to be thrifty, crafty, and frugal in our gardening practices. No chemicals are used on our property, and we strive to feed our animals organic, all natural foods. We look forward to sharing our journey with you!


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