Did you know you can swing over the jungle in Bali?

Did you know you can swing over the jungle in Bali?

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If you’re always looking for your next quirky adventure and also happen to have the dream of swinging leisurely over the jungle, then you might want to add this new Bali attraction to your bucket list.

The Bali swing near Ubud lets you fly over the jungle. Photo by swissmediavision/Getty Images

In the jungle around the town of Ubud, the arts and cultural centre of the Indonesian island, there’s a park with twelve different sets of swings that will allow you to experience a unique view on the lavish Balinese jungle. The swings range from 10m to 78m above the ground and they’re all of different lengths, so each of them has its very own type of thrill. Not to mention that they make for incredible social media-worthy shots!

Ubud is one of the main tourist destinations in Bali. Photo by Phruetthiphong Pawarachan/Getty Images

The basic package starts at US$35, and it includes the entrance fee for unlimited swinging time, a lunch buffet and an open bar, and the access to a river beach and four waterfalls all located in the jungle around the swings.

The complex has twelve swings of different lengths. Photo by swissmediavision/Getty Images

If you feel like adding something more, though, you can choose between rafting and tubing on the jungle river and its rapids, or ride a quad, an electric bike or a vintage Volkswagen Cabrio around the trees and waterfalls. All you need to do is remember to bring sunscreen, as the Bali Swing website advises. And once you’re done, you can always head over to this resort and sleep under the stars.

The Capella Ubud is a new luxury resort nestled in the jungle. Photo courtesy of Capella Ubud.

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